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An instrument of thy body is also thy little sagacity, my brother, which thou callest "spirit"--a little instrument and plaything of thy big sagacity.
There is more sagacity in thy body than in thy best wisdom.
Fyne had taken the trouble to distinguish in me the signs of sagacity or folly.
One man's sagacity is very much like any other man's sagacity.
The former, I own, requires the greater penetration; but may be accomplished by true sagacity with no less certainty than the latter.
Captain Bonneville, however, discredits, on the whole, the alleged sagacity of the beaver in this particular, and thinks the animal has no other aim than to get the tree down, without any of the subtle calculation as to its mode or direction of falling.
Nikita took the reins, but only held them, trying not to shake them and rejoicing at his favourite's sagacity.
Yet for the credit of Dona Rita I did not withhold from him my young sagacity.
Besides, I found that my understanding improved so much with every day's experience that I was unwilling to commence this undertaking until a few more months should have added to my sagacity.
With large business sagacity and an executive capacity which must have been inherited from their father, they now proposed to extend their operations to a larger area and distribute soap to contiguous villages, if these villages could be induced to buy.
Margaret's sagacity was not always displayed in a way so satisfactory to her sister.
Whereupon I turned and made for the city as fast as I could go, not seeing a single elephant by the way, which convinced me that they had retired deeper into the forest to leave the way open to the Ivory Hill, and I did not know how sufficiently to admire their sagacity.