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In the median longitudinal plane of the body, or parallel to it.



(also sagittal plane), a term used in the anatomy of animals and man to designate planes that pass through the body in an anteroposterior direction. The sagittal plane that passes lengthwise precisely down the middle of the body and divides the body into right and left halves is called the median.

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Crosshairs will be placed on the lesion in both the sagittal and axial plane and then the location and depth are calculated.
The purpose of this study was first, to propose a wearable system for measurement of lower limb joint angle during gait in the sagittal plane.
The sagittal depth of the lens is emerging as a more suitable parameter for controlling the fit due to being a better comparator between different lens designs, rather than BOZR and TD.
Magnetic resonance imaging (Figure 1a) at an outside imaging center disclosed a superior sagittal sinus thrombus.
Angulation of 10[degrees] or greater in the coronal or sagittal plane was defined as malreduction.
ALIF ACR is focused on correcting the sagittal plane imbalance that results from advanced degeneration.
ultrasound unit at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Centre, said prenatal diagnosis of fetal craniosynostosis is often difficult, particularly if it involves the sagittal suture and occurs in the absence of a family history As a result, most cases are delivered without a diagnosis.
The dura and sagittal sinus were displaced because of mass effect and sagittal sinus thrombosis was evident (Figure 1A, 1B.
The spine has several physiological curvatures in the sagittal plane.
The absence of flow-void signal intensity on sagittal T2 MR images has been proposed as a direct sign of CSF pathway obstruction, but the flow-void signal intensity depends on numerous parameters that make it unreliable (Fig.
Canal diameter is assessed using the Pavlov ratio: canal diameter divided by the AP vertebral body diameter in the sagittal plane.
Following is a discussion of lumbopelvic posture in the sagittal plane.