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see cactuscactus,
any plant of the family Cactaceae, a large group of succulents found almost entirely in the New World. A cactus plant is conspicuous for its fleshy green stem, which performs the functions of leaves (commonly insignificant or absent), and for the spines (not always
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He stayed at The Saguaro Hotel, with rates from $199 per night (www.
Each touch cart features a number of natural items relating to the resource: Saguaro 'boots" (nesting cavities created by birds), shed snake skin, and brushes made from yucca plants are just a few of the many display items that can be touched and investigated.
Saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea, Cactaceae) growth rate over its American range and the link to summer precipitation.
Owned by NRG Energy affiliates and a partnership between MSD Capital and Paragon Energy, the Saguaro Power Company's plant uses heat recovery steam generators to economically produce process-critical steam to adjacent chemical manufacturing and food processing plants.
Coyote employs an Acme Trick-or-Treat Cactus Costume to disguise himself as a saguaro.
He also examines origin stories behind the use of saguaro cactus wine in ceremonies, banned at times by the US government.
The Norwood family album is the first R&B signing to SRR (Saguaro Road Rhythm), the R&B imprint of Saguaro Road Records, an affiliate of Time Life Records that was launched two years ago with a commitment to American music.
Joe Marsh, Saguaro Correctional Center, Eloy, Ariz.
Every Girl's Day Out package at USD99 includes poolside lunch at Saguaro Blossom and all-day access to a newly enhanced grand pool complex with complimentary cabanas, and amenities like chilled towels, fruit kebabs and smoothie samples.
The section on the giant saguaro cactus was also interesting and entertaining.
Two years ago, rangers at Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona, were shocked to find 17 of the park's namesake cactuses missing.
The SAGUARO CACTUS, found in the Southwestern United States, does not grow branches until it is 75 years old.