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see tunicatetunicate
, marine animal of the phylum Chordata, which also includes the vertebrates. The adult form of most tunicates (also called urochordates) shows no resemblance to vertebrate animals, but such a resemblance is evident in the larva.
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That allows salps to "consume particles spanning four orders of magnitude in size," said Larry Madin, director of research at WHOI and Sutherland's Ph.
Using dye to observe salp movements in their natural environment isn't completely new; my advisor, WHOI marine biologist Larry Madin, used the technique years ago.
By eating the algae, the salps turn the algae and their carbon dioxide into faeces, which drops to the ocean floor.
This is the first time the new SALP has been used in an experiment at sea.
The plan calls for stimulating phytoplankton blooms that, in turn, would spur the proliferation of salps, which can multiply rapidly into dense swarms covering hundreds of square kilometers of ocean.
One swarm covered 38,600 square miles (100,000 square kilometers) of the sea surface, containing perhaps trillions of thumb-sized salps.
The report also notes that during the SALP period CP&L identified deficiencies in the fitness-for-duty and access authorization programs, "which were corrected during the latter part of the assessment period.
In the letter accompanying the SALP report, Region II Administrator Stewart Ebneter wrote that "the assessment assigned superior performance ratings for each of the four functional areas assessed and noted exceptional performance in the area of self-assessment.
Crystal River's SALP scores have improved to an overall level of 2.
SALP scores range from Category 1 to 3, with 1 being "superior," 2 being "good" and 3 representing "acceptable" levels of safety performance.
The plant experienced an 88 percent capacity factor in 1997 (includes 34-day refueling outage) and continues to receive favorable SALP and INPO ratings.
Both the Monticello plant and Prairie Island plants received an average SALP score of 1.