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After being caught trying to salt away pounds 10,000, she was found to have used stolen cash as deposits on three houses in Middlesbrough and one each in Chatham, Milton Keynes and Thamesmead, south London.
But despite the rise, many people failed to salt away as much as planned, Lloyds TSB Savings said.
The most you can salt away in any TESSA in stages over its five-year life is pounds 9,000.
The plot to salt away takings in the Barrhead shop had been hatched in an attempt to ease his desperate situation.
Highway teams will be salting road surfaces but there is a danger that rainfall could wash the salt away before freezing again.
The start of a new tax year provides the opportunity to salt away up to pounds 7,000 in a tax-free maxi ISA or pounds 3,000 in a mini ISA between now and next March.
The Government is coming under massive pressure to increase the tax- free maximum that savers can salt away in the new accounts.
Egg said it had to salt away pounds 68million - up from pounds 37million a year ago.
So he is hanging on to all his shares - and hopes to salt away more bonus shares later.
Friendly society children's savings let you salt away a modest, regular monthly sum for a child tax-free for a minimum of 10 years, ideally until their 18th or 21st birthday.