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in ancient Rome, a large tract of forest, pasture, and virgin soil on state land leased to private individuals; a saltus had an area of 5,000 jugers or more (1 juger equals approximately 2,500 m2). The leasing of salti became especially widespread in the provinces—primarily in Africa—during the imperial period; many salti belonged to the emperor. Large domains, the equivalent of latifundia, were later also called salti. Parts of the salti were cultivated by slaves and parts were turned over to major proprietors (conductores), who sublet small plots to coloni (indigenous commune peasants, slaves, and freedmen). According to a law enacted under Emperor Hadrian (second century), lessees of neglected lands of the emperor’s salti were given rights and privileges nearly equal to those of owners. The salti of the emperors and senators did not belong to city territories and were not subject to taxes; their populations were not under the jurisdiction of the city magistrates—the so-called exempt salti—which made the coloni of these salti more dependent on the landowners.


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Jon Macintosh, partner at Saltus Partners, said: "We are delighted to be involved with the team at WestBridge.
For a bars system with variable multi-stage section, in the node k where appears a saltus of sections (figure 3), between the left state vectors and right state vectors of the node k, [{q}.
His closest rival Saltus shot a 71 on the lengthy 7,226-yard Phokeethra course.
American Bryan Saltus, Scotland's Barry Hume and Northern Ireland's Graeme McDowell were all in the clubhouse on sevenunder overall - two strokes clear of a group containing Welshman Garry Houston, Asian Tour Order of Merit leader Liang Wen-chong and overnight leader KJ Choi.
Chapchai Nirat, of Thailand, Christian Cevaer, of France, Portugal's Jose-Filipe Lima, American Bryan Saltus, Australia's Adam Groom, Sweden's Partik Sjoland and Indians Gaurav Ghei and S S P Chowrasia are part of a large group that carded three-under 68s.
The original VC is being sold from the collection of the American Numismatic Society, to whom it was presented in 1922 by John Sanford Saltus, a frequent buyer of medals in London and elsewhere.
23) Woman and the Wits: Epigrams on Woman, Love and Beauty, which would reappear from time to time, The Wit and Wisdom by Edgar Saltus, by Monkshood and Gamble late 1902 and 1905; The Worldings' Wit; and stories in one volume, 'My Lady Ruby' and 'John Basilion, Chief of Police'.
LEADERS: 129 - MA Jimenez (Spa) 65 64; 131 - - D Howell 65 66; 133 - L Oosthuizen (Rsa) 69 64, A Tadini (Ita) 66 67, P Harrington 65 68; 134 - B Saltus (USA) 66 68, Z Lian-wei (Chn) 70 64, A Groom (Aus) 64 70, G Havret (Fra) 66 68.
American Bryan Saltus was watching proceedings, but Saltus' problem was that he didn't want to be an onlooker.
Ann Anckner and Deniece Gordon, graduates of Saltus Grammar School, and Kellyn White, who attended Bermuda College in 2001-2002, have received Bernard C.
Theologically and morally, the saltus fidei and the wager are
113) Edgar Saltus, in Mary Magdalen (1891), blames the Jews for the crucifixion and the death of Christ.