Sand Trap

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sand trap

[′san ‚trap]
A device in a conduit for trapping sand or soil particles carried by the water.

Sand Trap


a device for separating mechanical impurities of mineral origin (mainly sand) from sewage. The sand trap is usually installed before the settling tanks of sewage treatment plants. Sand traps are used because simultaneous separation of mineral and organic impurities in settling tanks makes the process of removing the sediment from the settling tanks and subjecting it to further treatment (fermentation) in digestion tanks difficult. The sand trap mainly entrains sand particles 0.25 mm or more in size.

Sand traps may have horizontal, vertical, or spiral movement of the water (the first is the most common). Traps with spiral movement of the water may be aerated with compressed air blown through the water. Horizontal sand traps are reinforced-concrete tanks of rectangular or trapezoidal cross section, in which the water moves at a rate of 0.15–0.30 m/sec and remains in the trap for 30–60 sec; the sand is precipitated by the force of gravity.

sand interceptor, sand trap

sand interceptor
A small catch basin designed and constructed to prevent the
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On the Central Waste Water Treatment Plant (ZABA) the city Sankt Augustin fall within the wastewater treatment process screenings (ASN 190801) and sand trap (ASN 190802) and residues from the duct cleaning (ASN 200306) on.
The Golfers' Sand Trap Goggles will be instrumental in helping to prevent eye injuries.
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Avid golfer Robert Brown presents The Golf Gods: Who Are They, What They Want & How to Appease Them, an amusing book for golf players everywhere who are willing to acknowledge a bit of divine influence in the curve of their slice, the hunger of the sand trap, or the veer of a critical putt.
Cardoza's hole: He just cleared the left edge of the sand trap and his 3-iron approach shot went into a dropoff, just right of the green.
The bunker isn't quite as tricky, or as beautiful, as the bear claw sand trap that highlights the short Hole No.
Rossi desperately tried to atone for his error but despite passing Gibernau he was unable to hold position until the last corner when he shoved his bitter rival into the sand trap and took the chequered flag.
Sorenstam yesterday sank a 39-yard shot from a sand trap to win pounds 100,000 on the par-five, 524-yard ninth at the new Trilogy Golf Club in La Quinta, California.
Countless times in the last century, this underwriter was introduced as an emissary of "The Sales Prevention Department," that sand trap between sale and reward, the pitiless unraveler of best-laid dreams of President's Club cruises.
Sand trap measurements through October 24 indicated the greatest sand transport along the dune axis, significant transport all around the "nose" of the dune, and negligible transport to the flanks.