sand worm

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sand worm,

name applied to a number of marine sand-dwelling WormsWorms
, city (1994 pop. 79,155), Rhineland-Palatinate, SW Germany, on the Rhine River. It is an industrial city and a leading wine trade center. Manufactures include leather goods, textiles, electrical appliances, paints, ceramics, chemicals, and machinery.
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 used as bait in fishing. See Class Polychaeta under AnnelidaAnnelida
[Lat., anellus=a ring], phylum of soft-bodied, bilaterally symmetrical (see symmetry, biological), segmented animals, known as the segmented, or annelid, worms.
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The Flintshire based artist actually uses grasses, seeds, sand and casts of sand worms found on the beach.
is ironically named - it's a tiny town that by now has grown used to the menaces called Graboids (who look not a little like the sand worms of ``Dune''), born of nuclear testing, that burrow through the surrounding miles of sand.
In addition, found objects are also an important part of her work and in the late 90s she worked largely with materials found on the beach, such as gull feathers and casts of sand worms.
They tell of mysterious blood-sucking animals, hidden sand worms that kill by touch and even a sex-hating phantom.
You might see oystercatchers, iellyfish, sand worms, even seals on sand bars.