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(UK: "sandpit")

1. <operating system> A protected, limited environment where applications (e.g. Java programs downloaded from the Internet) are allowed to "play" without risking damage to the rest of the system.

2. <jargon> A term for the R&D department at many software and computer companies (where hackers in commercial environments are likely to be found). The term is half-derisive, but reflects the truth that research is a form of creative play.

Compare playpen.

3. <operating system> link farm.


A restricted environment in which certain functions are prohibited. For example, deleting files and modifying system information such as Registry settings and other control panel functions may be prohibited. Sandboxes are used to isolate one running application from another and to run software downloaded from the Internet that is not entirely trusted.

Virtual Machines Are Sandboxes
One of the features of virtualization is the creation of virtual machines, which are independent, isolated sandboxes within the computer (see virtual machine). See Java sandbox and behavior detection.
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As we open the application window for our next sandbox cohort, we continue to encourage applications from firms of all sizes and from a wide range of sectors, including sectors we haven't seen heavily represented in the sandbox to date.
The bank had recently announced updates to its Open Banking Sandbox platform.
FinTech Sandbox accelerates product development by making these resources available to qualified startups at the point when access is most impactful.
It costs BD100 to apply for inclusion in the sandbox and the testing duration is nine months, with a maximum extension of three months.
What is the difference between the sandbox and the Fast Track program?
Sandbox operates from seven locations across the US and Canada, and its roster of clients includes some of the most respected names in human and animal healthcare, agriculture, technology, financial services, travel, retail, and consumer products.
Khalid Hamad, Executive Director of Banking Supervision at CBB, said, "We are pleased to welcome the first two entrants into the regulatory sandbox, in the early stages of the framework's launch.
Khalid Hamad, executive director of banking supervision at CBB, said: "We are pleased to welcome the first two entrants into the regulatory sandbox, in the early stages of the framework's launch.
Group President and CEO of Maybank, Datuk Abdul Farid Bin Alias said that the FinTech industry in ASEAN is full of potential and talent, and Maybank's Sandbox aims to fill the gap by providing the tools and ability to collaborate with the smartest and brightest talents in ASEAN.
The CBB recently issued the Regulatory Sandbox Framework
The post CBB launches regulatory sandbox for fintech startups appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
at any point introduce a regulatory sandbox like those seen in the United Kingdom or Singapore?