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Entire plant is somewhat hairy. Grows to 2 ft high (75cm) Thin, lacy, fern-like leaves, white flowers, sometimes pink, purple or red, in flat clusters that stagger (do not radiate from same point on stem) Roots crawl. Each flower resembles a tiny daisy. Dry entire plant used as tea for stomach problems, colds, flu, cramps, fevers, liver, kidney disorders, diabetes, toothaches, skin irritations, hemorrhages, regulate menses, stimulate bile flow, stomach ulcers, abdominal cramps, fibroid tumors, relaxes and relieves pain, abscesses, trauma, bleeding, inflammation, eases anxiety, stomach cramps, bloating, gas, bladder, infection, boils, burns, bites, diarrhea, dysentery, vasodilator, high blood pressure, cleans blood, insomnia, menstrual cramps, bleeding gums, toothache Even used as hair shampoo. Pick some and let it dry. Make tea with it. Tastes nasty but works. Astringent, so it stops internal and external bleeding. Some say yarrow tea placed on head stops hair loss. Has over a dozen anti-inflammatory and antibiotic compounds. Younger leaves near the top can be eaten raw or cooked, but safer to not eat raw but can be used as tea- the heat dissipates the toxins. Eat flowers sparingly. Some people have reactions, so test first. Do not drink tea for more than 2 weeks or it can be toxic to liver. Do not consume if pregnant. Can be used as insect repellant by burning or tincture. A very good companion plant, it improves the health of plants growing nearby and enhances their essential oil content thus making them more resistant to insect attacks. Also improves soil fertility.
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Scott (Lieut-General), Battle of Waterloo; Or, Correct Sanative of the Late Sanguinary Conflict On the Plains of Waterloo.
they focused on the problems of sanguinary or cruel criminal codes
Machete Kills'' aims for nothing more complex than sheer sanguinary lunacy, though it nonetheless contains far fewer original ideas: Heads are heedlessly lopped off, intestines are once again used as rope, the phrase "Machete don't .
He became the first historian of the battle of Gettysburg, with the first published history of the sanguinary conflict.
Result: a 150-year extension of the sanguinary process of filling the power vacuum in the Middle East--a process which is still underway.
Visions of sanguinary purity pervaded the Third Reich, and laws to protect the racial makeup of the Volk were steeped in the language of blood.
In spite of the carnage, these unanswered questions and makeshift solutions set the scene for an even more sanguinary conflict to come, and gave fascism political purchase in the tumultuous 1930s.
Impressed with pseudoscience and apparently obsessed with sanguinary percentages, Heydrich divided and subcategorized the inhabitants of Europe on the basis of the Aryan "purity" of their blood.
In the event, both the elections and the Abidjan Accord would only become seriously effective in terms of observing the country's international relations in the breach: as a reaction to the sanguinary Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC) coup of May 1997.
It was as though she was walking on minefields and avoiding any mention of the future action plan to pressure a sanguinary regime that is killing its people before the eyes of the entire world.
The movie's evocations of the flesh extend also to its color palette, which deals in rich, sanguinary reds as well as cool blues that prevail in the clinical settings where the victim's body is reconfigured.