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(səpō`tā), name for several Central American trees and their fruits. Sapotes, sweet and pulpy, are commonly seen in tropical markets and are usually eaten fresh, although some are also used in preserves, e.g., the green sapote (Ponteria viride or Calocarpum viride) and P. sapota or C. sapota, also called marmalade-plum. These and the yellow sapote (P. salicifolia or Lucuma salicifolia) are of the sapodilla family. The white sapote (Casimiroa edulis), of the rue family, has been introduced throughout the Caribbean area and is sometimes grown in S California. The various sapotes are classified in the division MagnoliophytaMagnoliophyta
, division of the plant kingdom consisting of those organisms commonly called the flowering plants, or angiosperms. The angiosperms have leaves, stems, and roots, and vascular, or conducting, tissue (xylem and phloem).
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, class Magnoliopsida. Ponteria (including Calocarpum and Lucuma) is classified in the order Ebenales, family Sapotaceae, Casimiroa in the order Sapindales, family Rutaceae.



a common name for several plant species of the family Sapotaceae which are cultivated in the tropics for their edible fruits. The tree most commonly called sapote is Calocarpum sapota, an evergreen native to southern Mexico and measuring about 20 m tall. The flowers are white; the fruits are ovate and brown and reach a length of 20 cm. The flesh of the fruits is red and sweet. The oil from the seeds is used in medicine, and the wood is used in cabinetmaking. The sapodilla is sometimes called sapote.

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Se recolectaron muestras de ramas, tallo, y raices de arboles de tres anos y medio de edad, de las variedades Newball, Florida, Sapote y Amarillo, sembradas a una distancia de 4x5 m.
Several similar but botanically unrelated fruits are also called sapote, from the Aztec word tzapotl meaning "soft fruit.
El envio estaba conformado por dieciseis cajas que contenian fosiles, ma /32 dreporas, conchas, un cuerno tallad liso de rinoceronte y otro que habia sido tallado primorosamente y que le compro al dominicano le Ualse por 93 piastras; alli habia ademas varias monedas del oriente y el occidente de las Indias; tambien iba una rama de una Achras sapote, en donde yacia un nido de colibri que habia sido elaborado con flores **) (11); en el nido se encontraba la madre junto a sus pequenos y al distinguido /233 macho, que era un poco diferente en su aspecto.
Our boat has ground to a halt in a semi-prehistoric setting on the surface of the Sapote tributary of the Amazon, a riot of greenery and dark waters all around us.
Travelers from around the world sample farm-grown coffee and a catalog of exotic fruits including abiu, chocolate sapote, lychee, soursop and tamarind.
This year, volunteers will plant varieties including apple, Asian pear, avocado, cherimoya, fig, guava, grape, jujube, kiwi, lemon, loquat, mulberry, nectarine, orange, peach, pear, persimmon, plum, pomegranate, sapote and tangerine.
While rambutan and other fruits such as mamey sapote (mam-EY sa-PO-tey), lychee, longan, carambola, mangosteen, and sapodilla may not be typical stateside fare, they are often the center of attention at TARS.
Se percato de la amplia cobertura de depositos volcanicos: "Todo el pais, desde Sapote [localidad ubicada unos 20 km al noreste de Turrialba, de la que posteriormente se daran mas detalles] a la cima de los montes del Aguacate, excepto las montanas altas que bordean el valle en el sur [probablemente los cerros de Escazu], pueden ser descritos facilmente como cubiertos por una capa de ceniza volcanica .
Mame sapote has an almond taste, and is ripe when it is just a little bit soft," explains Pat Flounders, produce manager.
Varieties include: Pistachio, packed with the real pistachios, unlike many "pistachio-flavored" products that use less-expensive almonds; Saffron, with almonds and real saffron; Mango, made with custardy Alphonso mangoes; Malai, an Indian favorite of cream and almond; Chikoo, with sapote fruit, kiwi, pear, pistachios and brown sugar; Faluda, infused with sweetened exotic rosewater, Strawberry and Coconut.
Everyone's taste buds are different, but I detect hints of Asian pear, mango, avocado, lemon balsam, and if you have experience with tropical fruits, the unmistakable aroma of sapote.