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The thin connective tissue sheath enveloping a muscle fiber.



the delicate membrane that invests smooth-muscle cells and striated and myocardial fibers. The term “sar-colemma” was introduced by the British physician W. Bowman in 1840. A sarcolemma consists of a three-layer cell membrane, which is approximately 75 angstroms thick and similar to the cell membrane in other animal cells, and a basilar membrane, which is a layer of amorphous matter containing polysaccharides. In vertebrates the basilar membrane of muscle cells and muscle fibers usually contains collagen fibrils.


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Types of muscle fiber composing the foot muscle of mollusc are categorized based on the arrangement of dense body, distribution of thick filament, ratio of thick microfilament and thin microfilament, invagination of sarcolemma, composition of sarcoplasmic reticula, and mitochondrial arrangement (Nicaise & Amsellem 1983).
Desmin intermediate filaments surround the Z-disks, interlink them together, and integrate the contractile apparatus with the sarcolemma and the nucleus.
The t-tubules, says Landh, are cubic areas of the sarcolemma and compensate for the lack of signals by amplifying the surface area that can detect signals.
Skeletal muscle satellite cells are located between the basal lamina and sarcolemma of the muscle fibers.
2004) Contractile function, sarcolemma integrity, and the loss of dystrophin after skeletal muscle eccentric contraction-induced injury.
1) Injury to the sarcolemma would lead to leakage of intracellular contents as well as to an increase of sodium into the cell.
This severe muscle-wasting disease results from mutations in the gene encoding for dystropin, a cytoskeletal protein under the sarcolemma of skeletal and cardiac muscle fibers.
2] is produced by the enzymes superoxide dismutase (isoforms CuZnSOD and MnSOD), which are localized in the muscle sarcolemma and mitochondria (Jackson et al.
Direct effect of adriamycin on the rat heart sarcolemma.
In the absence of contraction band necrosis, it is conceivable that small, nonsustained increases in cTnI may result from reversible injury to the sarcolemma, from diffuse irreversible damage leading to multiple foci of micronecrosis, or less probably, from apoptosis that may have been missed by the light microscopic observations in the nonsurvivors (40,41).
Specifically, the sarcolemma membrane preparations of the LM were shown to bind to the [125I] ICYP radio ligand, a radioactive ligand that binds [beta]-AR with binding affinities consistent with [[beta].