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It was important to the students that their sarcophagi had special meaning, just as they did to the ancient Egyptians.
The team found "a collection of sarcophagi of different shapes and sizes, as well as clay fragments," the statement quoted Ayman Ashmawy, head of the ministry's Ancient Egyptian Antiquities Sector, as saying.
Discovered in Sidon, these sarcophagi date from the sixth to the fourth century B.
Following in this tradition, we will present here a remarkable new discovery of three marble sarcophagi from the ancient region of Amrit and propose a possible change to the context of the analysis and evaluation of these funerary materials in their formal aspects--contextual and chronological--as well as in their socio-cultural interpretation.
An exception occurs in the case of elite families that can afford to have sarcophagi made of ironwood.
Apart from the sarcophagi, the archeologists also found pieces of glass, plates and bones during the excavation.
What makes the Tetnies sarcophagi unique among the few surviving examples of expensive, full-sized, stone sarcophagi are the emotionally moving portrayals of intimacy between the married couples on their lids (Figs.
It is quite magnificent with its three sarcophagi that get smaller in ascending order.
One of the sandstone sarcophagi bore carvings on the front and sides but not the back which was left blank, while the second bore carvings depicting semicircular coronets in the shape of roses, fruit, laurel and grapes along with embossed bull heads and busts of three bereaved women.
Life, death and representation; some new work on Roman sarcophagi.
I was particularly taken with the sarcophagi and canopic jars that had carved images of the deceased whose bones or internal organs had been placed within.
The burial chambers have been carefully recreated, from sarcophagi to scarabs, to give visitors the most authentic experience possible.