sash weight

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sash weight, sash counterweight

A weight (usually of cast iron) used to balance a vertically sliding sash.
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Standard softwall curtatns are fabricated of heavy-duty, blur-free 40 mil material--double the industry standard--ensuring enhanced tear resistance and eliminating the need for unsightly sewn sash weights.
Wouldn't it be great if someone still made double-hungs complete with sash weights like the originals," O'Brien remarked.
Perry's ballet/paperhanging bloodlines, or whatever kind they are, help him to avoid the flying lines and hooks, and to remain upright on Seahound's slick and pitching deck; to quickly move the loaded and empty tubs; to fasten seven more flags and anchors and 10 more sash weights, all precisely at the required moment; and to reliably tie a dozen more lines together -- under pressure.