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(building construction)
A frame for window glass.


Any framework of a window; may be movable or fixed, may slide in a vertical plane, or may be pivoted.

sash, window sash

Any framework of a window; may be movable or fixed; may slide in a vertical plane (as in a double-hung window) or may be pivoted (as in a casement window); a pivoted sash also is called a ventilator, 2.
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That is, calculating a product or coproduct in this way requires mapping sashes to permutations, performing the operations in MR, throwing out the non-avoiders in the result, and then mapping the remaining permutations back to sashes.
The university, having tired of the old scrape-and-paint routine, is going with aluminum sashes for the approximately 400 windows in the building.
There were local variations to the vertical sliding types, such as the horizontal sliding sashes.
Lilley explains sashes were made with plant fibres before Europeans introduced wool, and today's bright colours signify different provinces.
That group knows they can't receive Communion wearing those sashes," McGrath said.
In Los Angeles this year an archdiocesan spokesman assured the group that they were welcome at Mass, with no mention of sashes.
Another feature is an integral finger lift and checkrail interlock which snug the two sashes together to (when latched) to seal out air and water.
The sash configuration options include vertical rising (with or with out a Fame), horizontal sliding with multiple panel options, and combination sashes, which take advantage of the benefits of both vertical and horizontal operations.
The sashes retail for about $20 each; call Living with Art (650/322-2635) for ordering in formation.
BOOTS the Chemist has buckled under pressure after receiving complaints about the sale of Orange sashes at a store in Scotland.
HIGH Street giants Boots have been forced into an embarrassing climbdown over plans to issue staff with orange sashes.
Lines producing window sashes, transoms, and frames typically run at 13-16 ft/min.