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see laurellaurel,
common name for the Lauraceae, a family of forest trees and shrubs found mainly in tropical SE Asia but also abundant in tropical America. Most have aromatic bark and foliage and are evergreen; deciduous species are usually those that extend into temperate zones.
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Tree grows to 100ft (30m). The entire plant is edible. Eat the leaves., use roots for tea. This is one of the three ingredients in the original root beer recipe- sarsaparilla, sassafras and birch. Another way is to boil the roots, combine with molasses and allow to ferment. Voila- root beer. The tree is used for purifying the blood, stomach aches, rheumatism, skin problems, colds, fever, kidney, liver, problems, arthritis. The trees have many slender branches, and smooth, orangebrown bark. The bark of a full grown tree is thick, red-brown, and deeply furrowed. All parts of the plants are very fragrant when crushed. 3 different types of leaves on the same plant, oval, 2-lobe (mitten) and 3-lobed. Young leaves and twigs are best for consuming. Great on salads. They give a citrus-like scent when crushed. Delicious 5-petal tiny yellow flowers in clusters. Leaves can be dried and powdered and added to soups and gumbos. Fruit is blue-black eggshaped berry sized on a reddish cup/stem. Roots and leaves can be eaten raw or powdered or steamed. The root makes a good tea that tastes like root beer. Antiseptic, diuretic, vasodilator. Used to thin blood, cleanse liver, ease menstrual pain. Do not take for extended long periods or liver damage can occur because it contains safrole. Do not consume if pregnant or taking blood thinner.



a genus of deciduous trees and shrubs of the family Lauraceae. The leaves are entire, pinnate, or twice- to seven-times-lobed. The small, yellow-green flowers are in an axillary dichasium. The fruit is drupe. There are three species, distributed along the eastern seaboard of North America, in continental regions of China, and on Taiwan.

The common sassafras (S. albidum, or S. officinale), an aromatic dioecious tree reaching 20 m tall, is distributed in North America. It propagates by seeds and root suckers. The plant has been introduced into European gardens and parks; in the USSR it is found in Sukhumi. The essential oil contained throughout the plant, but mainly in the cortex of the roots, is used in perfumery. The soft, lightweight wood is used in the production of furniture, small boats, barrels, and railroad ties.


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Sassafras albidum. A medium-sized tree of the order Magnoliales recognized by the bright-green color and aromatic odor of the leaves and twigs.


1. an aromatic deciduous lauraceous tree, Sassafras albidum, of North America, having three-lobed leaves and dark blue fruits
2. the aromatic dried root bark of this tree, used as a flavouring, and yielding sassafras oil
3. Austral any of several unrelated trees having a similar fragrant bark
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Brown has been the President of Sassafras River Associates, LLC, an energy consulting and investment firm.
Saint-Martin also rode shock Arc hero Sassafras, who pipped Triple Crown winner Nijinsky in a memorable finish to Europe's richest race in 1970.
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Sassafras lumber and veneer are limited in supply and derive from two closely related species, Sassafras officinale and Sassafras albidum.
Photo: (1--Cover--Color) On the cover: Charlotte Ross suits up in a '60s-inspired two piece design by Sassafras, $72, at Macy's.
Species will include pitch pine, red maple, scarlet oak, hickory, American holly, red cedar, and sassafras.
It's hard to believe that a cup of mint, strawberry or chamomile tea could harm anyone, but the FDA recently pulled sassafras, catnip, valerian, lobelia, chaparral and comfrey off the market, citing health problems when taken in large doses.
Named after the year when hard root beers soared in popularity with colonial drinkers, the brew features ingredients such as blackstrap molasses, sassafras root bark, dried wintergreen and licorice.
Lester Piggott brought the 2-5 favourite from a long way (probably too far) behind to head Sassafras well inside the final furlong, but the French colt fought back and prevailed by a head, with Miss Dan third.
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dried sassafras root bark 3 to 4 quarts water 2 cups sugar 1/8 teaspoon ale or bread yeast 1/4 cup lukewarm water