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A satin-weave cloth, usually made of mercerized cotton and often treated with high-luster and crease-resistant finishes.



a sateen-weave fabric made from cotton or synthetic fiber. Sateen has a smooth, silky face dominated by the weft. The fabric, which is generally uniformly dyed, printed, or bleached, is used for making dresses, men’s shirts, and linings.

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The entire patio ceiling under which the guests danced on the black and white dance floor to the music of Swing Shift from Columbus, was swag-draped with the same sateen fabric used inside the restaurant.
TRY Ashish for Topshop track pants, pounds 75; Mint Velvet silver sateen sports pants, pounds 59; ASOS cross front skinny fleece joggers, pounds 18; American Apparel Chambray track pants, pounds 36.
This is made with a 400 thread-count, 100 percent cotton sateen, and comes in a duvet cover and shams with a wrinkle-free finish.
com Floral dress, pounds 145; charm necklace, pounds 69 Spot silk chiffon collar pleat shirt, pounds 89; belt, pounds 29 Cashmere Angora tie-belt v-neck cardigan, pounds 84; cotton sateen trousers, pounds 79; belt, pounds 29 Cashmere Angora tie-belt v-neck cardigan, pounds 84; cotton sateen trousers, pounds 79; belt, pounds 29 Kaleidoscope silk kaftan, pounds 152
The panels are made from heavyweight sateen, lined with 100 percent cotton, blind-stitched, bottom-weighted and, in some cases, inner-lined.
Black military coat pounds 50 by Florence + Fred at Tesco, with crop sateen trousers pounds 18, stretch knee-high boots pounds 20, faux fur Cossack hat pounds 5 and muff pounds 8
Judges, including fashion photographer Nigel Barker, designer Carlos Miele and Sarah Easley, the owner of Kirna Zabete boutique, examined the work of more than 100 students, singling out Lee Ann Mittler as "Designer of the Year" for her cafe-au-lait sateen trench creation (below left).
this multicolored floral sateen jacquard called Japonica is available in the complete collection, including bed shirt and continental pillow sham.
The organic cotton sateen bedding is wonderfully soft and has a slight sheen for an added aesthetic touch.
Bill Tate's wife cut off the sateen wing coverings and made dresses, for their girls.
Zen print tunic, pounds 35 and sateen trousers, pounds 25 in sizes 16-30.