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4] However, we observed no significant change in arterial oxygen saturation in pregnant women as compared to non-pregnant women.
Slope failure analysis of the Havelian landslide was performed by first drawing the most probable failure surface based on field measurements and then by in putting the shear strength parameters determined for each degree of saturation at in situ density.
According to this explanation, the short-term preference for enhanced saturation is present not because saturation itself is beneficial in the long term, but because it helps identify lighting conditions that facilitate accurate hue perception.
j])]}, j [member of] [1, m], and a saturation boundary [u.
Oxygen saturation in healthy newborn infants immediately after birth measured by pulse oximetry.
He said, "Residual oil saturation is a vital parameter when assessing secondary and tertiary production processes.
We found that high saturation levels resulted in poor perception of the ID.
I'd certainly want South Wales Police to look again at Whitchurch Road and bring forward a formal request for a saturation zone if the evidence supported it.
The increase in saturation flow rate is noticeable also in the results obtained in Belgrade by (Stanic 1991) and later also by Celar (2007), from 2120 pcu/hr to 2150 pcu/hr.
If this pressure drop becomes too great and hydraulic saturation results, the control will continue to try to overcome the situation by increasing the command signal to the pushout valve.
In this article, we present the results of a laboratory investigation on the influence of the saturation degree evaluated in term of coefficient of Skempton (B) varying between 13 and 90% on the behavior of granular sand.
And the objective of the study is to determine the range for the permissible value fort the Water Saturation exponent 'n' for the reservoirs located from the well logs.