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seasoning or flavoring composition, usually in liquid or semiliquid form, used as an appetizing accompaniment for meat, fish, vegetables, and desserts. Sauces, an important feature of quality cookery, especially in France, have often been named for the chefs who created them. Sauces may be classed as hot and cold; and divided again, the hot as white and brown, the cold as the mayonnaise type and the type used for coating cold foods and often containing gelatin. Hot sauces, made with a base of flour, fat, and milk or stock, may be varied by seasonings and added ingredients. Stewed fruits, such as apple and cranberry, are sometimes classified as sauces. Commercial sauces, which are finely blended extracts of various fruits and vegetables with vinegar and condiments, include Worcestershire sauce, Leicester sauce, chili sauce, creole sauce, soy sauce, Tabasco, and catsup. Sauces for puddings and desserts include syrup, custard, fruit, and creamed sauces (hard sauce and wine and brandy sauce).
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Keep the following in mind when you're planning for comfort food via spaghetti sauce out of a jar.
Chang's Home Menu has introduced a line of five premium sauces that brings the authentic, vibrant flavors of P.
The hot sauces market is gaining presence in the Indian Chinese & Hot sauces industry as the consumption of hot sauces variants through retail levels, supermarkets and hypermarkets is growing in India.
Blair's Caldera Hot Sauce: Only 499 bottles of this hot sauce were reportedly ever made, and there's only three 2 oz.
All natural" and "organic" claims aren't good indicators of how salty a sauce is, either.
Other sections of the book include legume-based sauces such as Chickpea, Oats, and Pimentos Sauce and Yellow Dal and Rice Sauce; tofu-based sauces including Tofu and Lemon Sauce and Tofu Sprouted Sunflower Seeds Sauce; and vegetable-based sauces such as Potato, Carrot, and Ginger Sauce and Sweet Potato, Oats, Carrots, and Green Chili Sauce.
Pulled pork with barbecue sauce is a southern classic -- true comfort food.
In any case, the idea that France is the spiritual home of sauce is a Euro-centric notion that ignores the wonderful sauces used in Asia for centuries or millennia.
Our testers tried the green, red and yellow Thai curry sauces.
Napolina pasta sauces will target weekday consumption while increasing the volume of pasta sauce used at the weekend.
Other hot sauce retailers say that Comexa picked a good time to enter the United States.
To serve: Plate tuna and onions; spoon sauce around plate and garnish with lime and salt mixture.