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About Military Saves Military Saves is part of the Department of Defense's Financial Readiness Campaign and has been a partner with the Department of Defense since 2003.
The association has already partnered with two local Baptist churches, and Williams plans to encourage parishioners to save through their church's credit unions.
And, ironically enough, it may just be that the mission to save.
He saves me from loneliness as I think of his intimate presence within me.
He saves me from the pursuit of my own narrow interests as I strive to meet his ideals.
While there are other 'social bookmarking' web sites out there, PC World recognized what truly distinguishes Furl: the ability to save the full text of the article versus a link that can quickly expire or become inaccessible," said Michael Grubb, chief technology officer for LookSmart.
The Company's sites and web tools offer essential search results with the ability to find, save and share articles.
Phillips Saves is the result of this strong collaboration.
For Thrivent Financial, Phillips Saves also represents the first of what could grow to become multiple Lutheran-based initiatives across the country connecting Lutheran congregations, Lutheran social service agencies and the organization's member volunteers in helping the working poor.
Accompanying the launch of Save Butt software, PGSoft has also released Save Butt boxer shorts.