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school vouchers,

government grants aimed at improving education for the children of low-income families by providing school tuition that can be used at public or private schools. The idea behind school vouchers is to give parents a wider choice of educational institutions and approaches; it is also assumed that competition from private schools will pressure public schools into providing a better education for their students. The first school-voucher program instituted in the United States was a state-funded effort begun in Milwaukee, Wis., in 1990; a 1995 federal bill proposed setting up pilot school-voucher plans in 26 American cities.

The voucher concept has been controversial, and critics have voiced concerns that such programs, if broadly applied, ultimately could destroy the American public-school system. The issue of the constitutionality of taxpayer-financed vouchers was sidestepped at the federal level in 1998 when the Supreme Court chose not to review a state court ruling that upheld the use of vouchers in Milwaukee. In 1999, however, a federal court held that when a voucher system used in Ohio resulted in almost all recipients attending religious instead of public schools the system violated the Constitution, but in 2002 the Supreme Court narrowly ruled that the program provided "true private choice." Meanwhile, in Florida a program was initiated (1999) in which vouchers, good at private religious and nonreligious schools, were given to children whose public schools had failed standardized tests, but the program has been challenged in the state courts. By the end of the 20th cent. various kinds of voucher programs were being implemented in 31 U.S. states and were utilized by nearly 65,000 students. There is no incontrovertible evidence that the use of vouchers has improved the education of students using them, either at private or public schools, but often it also is not clear whether poor educational results are in fact the fault of the schools or the result of other causes.

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But they are divided on private school vouchers, with the Senate regularly passing - and the House regularly rejecting - related bills.
Public support for school vouchers targeted toward low-income families has dropped by 12 percentage points since 2012 a major shift in public opinion.
Bobby Jindal signed one of the largest school voucher bills in the nation's history.
26) Despite their important and helpful work, Wong and Langevin noted important limitations to their study and expressly encouraged scholars to expand upon their work by exploring whether states may have passed charter school laws "as a political compromise to private school vouchers.
Arguments over the benefits, or lack thereof, of school vouchers are many, varied and difficult to prove.
School vouchers can pass if the voting public can be brought to appreciate the discretionary nature of district funding given district operational whats and whys in a budget climate of economic cost-plus taxing and internal (district) budget preferences.
This is the latest and most decisive in a long line of defeats for school voucher proponents, not just in Florida but around the country.
Obviously in a Democratic primary, that's not the thing to say, that you support school vouchers,'' said Bob Stern, president of the Center for Governmental Studies, a Los Angeles-based think tank.
Right-wing advocates of private school vouchers properly argue that poor kids in failing high-poverty schools deserve something better, fast, but their remedy will only increase social divisions.
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In addition, he provided support and guidance to the successful efforts to secure publicly funded voucher trials in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in Florida, and in the District of Columbia; aided the litigation that resulted in the constitutional validation of school vouchers by the U.
Most attention is spent on the false promise of school vouchers, but some also is given to the public school choice alternative.

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