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ONE of the most obvious symptoms of sciatica is pain - which can range from mild to very severe, making it difficult to do basic daily activities or find a comfortable position.
Sciatica can also be triggered by other medical conditions, such as arthritis, spinal tumours and blood clots, and it can also be common during pregnancy due to postural changes.
There are several etiologies of extra-spinal sciatica that include traumatic, infective (e.
Sciatica that lingers for several weeks, is excruciating, or gets worse, needs to be treated.
The Feldenkrais Center of San Diego, a unique facility offering hope to individuals in need of immediate relief from back pain, sciatica, arthritis, and other disabling problems, is now located at 1827 Pleasantdale Dr.
In this case study, we present an unusual case of sciatica and foot drop, of multifactorial aetiology.
This non-discogenic sciatica can be caused by any space-occupying lesion along the course of the lumbosacral nerve root and the sciatic nerve and therefore it can be arbitrary divided into two general categories: intraspinal and extraspinal non-discogenic sciatica.
All patients were suffering with acute lumbar discogenic pain with sciatica.
Sciatica is a disorder characterized by radiating leg pain that follows a dermatomal pattern, accompanied at times by sensory symptoms.