scientific application

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scientific application

An application that simulates real-world activities using mathematics. Real-world objects are turned into mathematical models and their actions are simulated by executing the formulas.

For example, some of an airplane's flight characteristics can be simulated in the computer. Rivers, lakes and mountains can be simulated. Virtually any objects with known characteristics can be modeled and simulated.

Simulations use enormous calculations and often require supercomputer speed. As personal computers became more powerful, more laboratory experiments have been converted into computer models that can be interactively examined by students without the risk and cost of the actual experiments.
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Public procurement APPLICATION for ~ purchase and maintenance of storage servers in favor of the administrative and IT ~ to ~ exclusion scientific applications.
We are excited about offering this new kind of computational capability for the set of scientific applications that do not require high-bandwidth networks but do require thousands of processors.
Judith Devaney, Steve Satterfield, Peter Ketcham, and William George are all members of the Scientific Applications and Visualization group of the NIST Information Technology Laboratory.
Vista Azul will create a so-called "hypercluster" environment that will allow researchers (including UNM students) to explore the optimal use of Linux for scientific applications, as well as to examine management strategies for hybrid clusters.
This new edition extends and replaces Fortran 77, adding a number of features that make it more flexible for scientific applications and better suited for running on computers consisting of dozens or even thousands of processors.
OTCBB: FCSC), a biotechnology company focused on commercializing LAVIV, the first and only FDA-approved personalized cell therapy in aesthetic dermatology, and on developing innovative autologous cell therapies for additional aesthetic, medical and scientific applications, announced today that David Pernock, the Company's Chairman and CEO, will host an investor conference call to discuss Fibrocell's private placement financing and strategic collaboration with Intrexon Corporation on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at 4:30 PM Eastern Time.

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