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A material that emits optical photons in response to ionizing radiation.



a luminophor in which the flashes of light known as scintillations occur under the action of ionizing radiation. Among the many substances that are scintillators are inorganic crystals, such as zinc sulfide and sodium iodide; organic crystals, such as anthracene and stilbene; solutions of plastics; and inert gases. Scintillators used in scintillation counters should be transparent to their own radiation.

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Stilbene scintillator crystals offer a breakthrough in the area of nuclear radiation detection most closely associated with border security and terroristic threat reduction," commented Amy Eskilson, CEO of Inrad Optics.
Applications of this type of scintillator in complex nuclear physics experiments or in homeland security and nonproliferation and safeguards are now possible.
It produces a lot of light, and it's very transparent, but it's a safer scintillator," says SNO+ director Mark Chen.
For medical imaging applications, the panel features an efficient Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator optimized for scanning at 80-90 kilovolts (kV) in order to minimize the X-ray dose to the patient.
The former enables DX-S to capture sharper images by minimizing scattering, caused by light spread in the scintillator layer.
of products and line speeds with detector resolution, scintillator type, number
The proton detector, a CsI scintillator, is situated on top of the storage volume; the decay protons are accelerated and focused onto it through a potential difference in the storage volume and an additional focusing coil around the detector.
Additional chapters describe novel polymers for nonlinear optical applications; optically active, erbium-doped polymers; novel, fluorinated polymers, blends, and UV-curable polymeric cladding materials; hard plastic cladding materials; fluorescent optical fibers for data transmission and scintillator polymers for detectors; design of gradient index fibers; and the effect of climatic and mechanical environments on transmission in fibers.
Radioactivity was measured in a Tri-Carb 1900CA (Packard, Downers Grove, IL, USA) liquid scintillator counter.
All radiation detection devices sense radiation using either a sodium iodide crystal or a plastic scintillator.
com/research/lksnr2/radiation) has announced the addition of the "Radiation Detection, Monitoring & Safety Market (Geiger Counter, Ionization Chamber, Scintillator, Terahertz detector, Dosimeter, Environment Monitor, Shield, Lead Apron, Eyewear & Glove) - Competitive Analysis & Global Forecasts to 2017" report to their offering.