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(invertebrate zoology)
The head of certain tapeworms, typically having a muscular pad with hooks, and two pairs of lateral suckers.



the head or anterior portion of the body of a tapeworm, or cestode, by which the parasite attaches itself to the wall of the host’s intestine. The scolex may have any one of various organs of attachment: bothria (longitudinal slits of which there are generally two), sucking disks, and chitinized hooks. In highly developed tapeworms the scolex has four semispheric muscular sucking disks. Many cestodes are characterized by a scolex having sucking disks and a proboscis with hooks. The structure of a scolex, especially of the organs of attachment, is often used in taxonomy for species identification.

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The cysts removed during surgery were confirmed to be of hydatid cyst aetiology by histopathological evidence of germinal layer and by demonstration of scolices and hooklets in the aspirated HCF.
A microscopic examination of the tracheal aspirate was performed and this showed the characteristic scolices (Figure 2).
The scolices are contained within the inner layer and daughter cysts may be seen floating in clear fluid within the cyst.
Tapeworms, either with scolices or without scolices, were expelled from 24 persons with taeniasis after the persons received 2 g of niclosamide or 40 mg/kg of praziquantel and a purgative.
If stabilization with pedicle screws is performed, the surgeon should be aware that theoretically the disease may be iatrogenically seeded into the vertebral bodies if viable scolices are present at the time when the pedicles are probed before inserting the screws.
The cyst is filled with clear fluid and contains free scolices and brood capsules.
Biopsy is generally considered to be contraindicated in echinococcosis owing to fear of dissemination of scolices and other potentially fatal acute anaphylactic reactions.