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1. Nautical slack left in an anchor cable
2. Logic linguistics that part of an expression that is governed by a given operator: the scope of the negation in PV--(qr) is --(qr)


The extent or intention of the construction activity, also the portion of the plans, specifications, and addenda on which the contractor has based its bid.


(computer science)
For a variable in a computer program, the portion of the computer program within which the variable can be accessed (used or changed).
The work that will actually be done on a project as documented by the terms in a contract.


Software Evaluation and Certification Programme Europe.

An ESPRIT project.


The scope of an identifier is the region of a program source within which it represents a certain thing. This usually extends from the place where it is declared to the end of the smallest enclosing block (begin/end or procedure/function body). An inner block may contain a redeclaration of the same identifier in which case the scope of the outer declaration does not include (is "shadowed" or "occluded" by) the scope of the inner.

See also activation record, dynamic scope, lexical scope.


(1) A range of IP addresses.

(2) In programming, the visibility of variables within a program; for example, whether one function can use a variable created in another function.

(3) A CRT screen, such as used on an oscilloscope or common display terminal.

(4) See search scope.
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