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a. waste material or used articles, esp metal, often collected and reprocessed
b. (as modifier): scrap iron



metallic raw material in the form of industrial waste and rejects, intended for remelting into usable metal.


Any solid material cutting or reject of a manufacturing operation, which may be suitable for recycling as feedstock to the primary operation; for example, scrap from plastic or glass molding or metalworking.


Something written at CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa in the late 1970s. It ran on Interdata and Perkin-Elmer computers and was in use until the late 1980s.

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What began in 1959 with one woman using her love of baseball to help lower cultural barriers has expanded into another story, one that has as much to do with service, spirituality and scrappiness as with a game.
None of the chestnut varieties bred [o resist blight so far has the shoot-the-sun height of the pure American chestnut and its famed scrappiness for competing in a forest canopy.
Both sides began the second half positively before the scrappiness, present in the first, dominated.
It was heartening to see such stalwart scrappiness and communal spirit in Brooklyn's fast-gentrifying DUMBO neighborhood.
To preserve a portion of customary deference due to her husband while acquiring the scrappiness demanded by the streets, to gratify her idea of what was morally right while yielding an inch or two to her children, to sustain her personal modesty while beginning to recognize that she was also a woman with desires of her own - it took strength, sometimes an excess of strength, to deal with these conflicting demands.
The lines, focused on the construction of scrappiness, thereby lose in poetic force and focus.
The News looks more studied, which is not always the best thing in a tabloid," adds Bernard, who calls the conflicting qualities of studied look and thrown-together scrappiness "hard to reconcile.
Our spending limits aren't as grand as theirs, but we can still put out a very good product," he says, with the scrappiness of an underdog.
Mary's University Law School in San Antonio a few months back, I knew of its reputation for scrappiness.
makes a strong and lucid case, even if, in view of the scrappiness of our sources, he may be a little too sure that nothing exists unless we have contemporary evidence for it.
The movement to treasure most is the `Eja mater', in which the dotted rhythms of the violins, an evocation of scourging, achieve a vehemence that never lapses into scrappiness or ugliness.
Capacious Hold-All' thus provides a partial story only, but the scrappiness is to some extent compensated for by the vitality and strength of many of the entries, which tell remarkable tales of personal courage, of injustice, of private suffering, and of terrifying domestic crises.