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a. waste material or used articles, esp metal, often collected and reprocessed
b. (as modifier): scrap iron



metallic raw material in the form of industrial waste and rejects, intended for remelting into usable metal.


Any solid material cutting or reject of a manufacturing operation, which may be suitable for recycling as feedstock to the primary operation; for example, scrap from plastic or glass molding or metalworking.


Something written at CSIR, Pretoria, South Africa in the late 1970s. It ran on Interdata and Perkin-Elmer computers and was in use until the late 1980s.

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However, locating a facility on the West Coast would sharply reduce many of the expenses associated with ship scrapping, including towing.
While there are plenty of MARAD vessels that are in need of scrapping, there also are a number of privately owned vessels, including tug boats, barges and other ocean-going vessels, that have outlived their usefulness and are in need of scrapping.
AQMD estimates that scrapping a car built between 1975 and 1981 removes this much air pollution over three years - the amount of time the car is expected to stay on the road.