screen wall

screen wall

A movable or fixed device, especially a framed construction designed to divide, conceal, or protect, but not to support.

serpentine wall

A wall with a plan in the shape of a wavy line with alternating arcs of circles.

shear wall

A wall that resists shear forces in its own plane due to wind or earthquake forces.

spandrel wall

A wall built on the extrados of an arch, filling the spandrels.

pierced wall, perforated wall, screen wall

A nonbearing masonry wall in which an ornamental pierced effect is achieved by alternating rectangular or shaped blocks with open spaces.

screen wall

A screen of some solidity as differing from one which is pierced, esp. in the intercolumniations of a colonnade. Also see pierced wall.
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block long facade is bisected by a perforated aluminum screen wall, engineered and fabricated by MetalTech-USA of Peachtree City, GA.
Spector's design for the downtown loft featured an Erwin Hauer modular screen wall of cast gypsum cement panels, faux concrete Viroc feature wall, ceilings with recessed lighting, and an ecosmart fireplace.
A shallow wood and glass roof, supported by the canopy columns to the north and a screen wall to the south, covered the tracks.
G Smith, listed building consent for screen wall to existing covered area and window opening to gable wall, Bridge Tavern, Woodhead Road, Holmbridge.
AirOutshielci membranes are installed in Rain Screen Wall Systems and Sloped Roofs and perform the function of underlayment, secondary drainage plane, air barrier and/or slip sheet.
We would be delighted if anyone who has any photos or etchings in their possession of any aspect of the cemetery, before or after it closed, showing any aspect - gravestones, a funeral, the buildings, the beautiful listed screen wall at the front of the cemetery.
The iconostasis--the screen wall between the sanctuary and the altar area--is the one vertical surface that is articulated in great detail, featuring hand-painted, gilded icons, representative of the separation of heaven and earth.
The same glass panels are incorporated into a screen wall, seven stories high, which is set 4.
Some tiny spacers have a built-in screen wall that prevents large particles of aerosol medicine from depositing in a patients mouth or throat.
Three private dining rooms are situated at the far left of the floor plan over the entrance lobby below, with a timber screen wall between the two of them (which references the external timber treatment), which can be retracted to crate a double-size private dining space when required.
In the exhibition area, Volkswagen will also set up a 78-metre long screen wall with 9 movable display panels to showcase the competition of the Olympic Games at that particular time.