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see testistestis
or testicle
, one of a pair of glands that produce the male reproductive cells, or sperm. In fetal life the testes develop in the abdomen, then descend into an external sac, the scrotum.
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a musculocutaneous, sacciform structure in man and most viviparous mammals. In man a septum divides the scrotum into two halves, each of which contains a testis and epididymis, as well as the scrotal section of a spermatic cord. The scrotum is composed of several distinct layers: the skin, the dartos, several fasciae, and a muscular layer. The scrotum develops during the third month of pregnancy.


The pouch containing the testes.


the pouch of skin containing the testes in most mammals
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Acute scrotal pain and swelling are common presentations in the emergency room (ER).
A scrotal incision was made, and the affected testicle was untwisted and sutured in the scrotum.
Examination and imaging may reveal a high-riding testicle, horizontal orientation of the testicle, palpable twist in the spermatic cord, ipsilateral scrotal skin induration, erythema, or warmth, as well as absent or decreased blood flow on ultra-sonography (Gordhan & Sadeghi-Nejad, 2015; Jefferies et al.
Then, right scrotal orchiectomy was performed to provide surgical castration for metastatic prostate cancer and the patient was referred to the medical oncology department for earlier chemotherapy.
A particular gene associated to the formation of scrotal hernia was of interest in this study, the B-cell lymphoma 2 (BCL2)-associated X protein or the BAX and its corresponding SNP [3].
Estimation of genetic parameters for body weights, scrotal circumference, and testicular volume measured at different ages in Nellore cattle.
The most common presentation in a child with testicular tumour is a painless scrotal mass, but mild tenderness and heaviness with dull ache may be present.
Cystic swellings of the scrotum occur in all the age groups, but in present study of 100 cases most of the patients were in the 31-40 years' age group (22%) followed by 11-20 years of age group (20%), most of them presented with scrotal swelling with pain.
Table 5: Laterality of scrotal swelling in this study Side affected No.
In present case, chronic non healing wounds on scrotal skin, right nostril and premaxilla region was noticed without any primary lesions of CTVS on penis and prepuce.
Epididymitis and epididymo-orchitis are common causes of acute scrotal pain.