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see porgyporgy
, common name for members of the Sparidae, a family of small-mouthed fishes with strong teeth adapted for crushing their food of shellfish and crustaceans. Porgies are found in warm and tropical coastal areas and are especially abundant in the Mediterranean and Red seas
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The composite codend was designed as a mechanism to reduce large catches of small scup when abundant scup are encountered but was also designed to retain black sea bass and scup when abundance was low.
For summer flounder, Atlantic cod, scup, and all species, the delta-lognormal and delta-Poisson models provided time series of abundance indices that were more variable, with slightly different trends and annual changes, than the unstandardized, Poisson, and negative binomial series.
I have to credit my boss, who thought that it would be a good thing for a new planner to get involved in this organization called SCUP, which I knew nothing about at the time.
Prior to starting this firm I was at the University of California, and my involvement with SCUP started when I was a student at UC Berkeley.
Brian Nedwek (BN): I must admit that getting hooked on SCUP began with an interest in getting to one of its conference sites more so than learning more about planning.
Dick Rigterink (DR): We were doing work on the University of Michigan Medical Center and you mentioned SCUP to me.
Although scup will spawn as far south as New Jersey, our waters, from southern New England to the New York Bight, are the heart of their breeding range - the scup capital of the world.
Claire Turcotte (CT): Our first question is, what do you see in your SCUP crystal ball?
Modavox to Deliver Live Webcast on Higher Education Assessment/Accountability and Climate Change for AASCU and SCUP
It is impossible for me to separate my evolution as a campus master planner from my participation with SCUP as they evolved together and were mutually reinforcing.
Parsons, a charter member of SCUP and the society's first president from 1966-68.
That's a lot of dead, wasted fish, usually baby winter and summer flounder, scup and butterfish in Nantucket and Vineyard sounds.