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A rounded apothecium with an elevated rim found in certain lichens.
The flattened cotyledon of a monocotyledonous plant embryo, such as a grass.
(invertebrate zoology)
The third of four pieces forming the upper part of the thoracic segment in certain insects.
(vertebrate zoology)
One of the scales on the tarsi and toes of birds.



one of the principal organs in the embryo of grasses of the family Gramineae. During seed sprouting, the scutellum secretes enzymes that make soluble the reserve substances of the endosperm that nourish the developing embryo. Some botanists regard the scutellum as a cotyledon, and others as a modified axis of the embryo.

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4x as long as wide; scutellar spine as long as propodeum and rather thick in lateral view; marginal cilia of fore wing 0.
Scutellar classifications began on 21 July and ended on 3 August, 2009.
embryo mesocotyl internode negligible, epiblast present, scutellar tail absent, embryonic leaf margins overlapping), a pattern typical of Oryzeae, not unknown in Pooideae, and unrecorded within the PACC clade.
8 Two or more pairs of apical scutellar macrosetae; mystax occupying almost entire face although sometimes weak in dorsal part; antennal postpedicel usually somewhat clavate, <1.
The following abbreviations are used: acr = acrostichal seta(e), ad = anterodorsal seta(e), av = anteroventral seta(e), d = dorsal seta(e), dc = dorsocentral seta(e), h = humeral seta(e), oc = ocellar seta(e), npl = notopleural seta(e), pd = posterodorsal seta(e), prsc = prescutellar seta(e), psa = postalar seta(e), pv = posteroventral seta(e), sc = scutellar seta(e), v = ventral seta(e).
scutellaris in sharing a large body, antennal segment I that is longer than the interocular distance, and the distinctly raised medial scutellar swelling (Figs.
Scutellar foveae not well differentiated, shallow, confluent medially, with some longitudinal striae and indistinctly margined posteriorly.
The following morphometric parameters were measured using a Leica Wild M3B: eye span, body length, wing length and length of scutellar spine.
Colouration and vestiture: Ground colour of scutum brownish, sometimes paler anteriorly; postpronotum, notopleural area and scutellum yellow, last mentioned with some darker spots; pleura irregularly brownish and yellow; subscutellum and mediotergite brown to black; ground colour obscured by generally homogenous delicate, whitish microtrichia (more conspicuous on katepisternum) and pale setulae; sockets of major setae, especially dorsocentral, acrostichal and scutellar, dark brown to blackish; dark colouration sometimes extends beyond sockets especially around base of apical scutellar seta; larger subshiny black spot present posterior to wing base (best observed when wing oriented ventrally).
The following abbreviations are used for setae of the head and thorax: acr = acrostichal, dc = dorsocentral, h = humeral, npl = notopleural, oc = ocellar, ph = posthumeral, psa =postalar, sa = supraalar, sc = scutellar, vt = vertical.