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sea bass:

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, common name applied to various fishes of Centrarchidae (black basses and sunfishes), Serranidae (sea basses and groupers), Moronidae (temperate basses), and other families.
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Back in 2011, the sea bass stocks in Florida Atlantic waters were put on a rebuilding plan.
A black sea bass management region extending from Delaware through North Carolina is recognized by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission s summer flounder, scup, and black sea bass Interstate Fisheries Management Plan.
It later secured a sea bass deal with upmarket supermarket chain Waitrose.
SAFFRON BON BASS, BON-& CRAB 2 and juice) 1/2 chili pepper 1tsp chopped chive 1tsp chopped thyme Oil for deep frying For the potato mash 1/2kg of potatoes 1/2 cup double cream 1tsp salted For the sea bass butter 1 pinch saffron 1/2 lemon 1tsp butter Sea bass fillets For the crab bon-bon 2 crabs or 150g Oil crab meat 1 lime (zest
The man behind the scam, ex-Royal Navy chef Michael Redhead, had sent a bogus email to Iceland suppliers Kirwin Brothers saying that it was all right to market Oriental perch as sea bass.
Life history information on an ecologically, and once economically, important species such as the giant sea bass (Stereolepis gigas) is critical for the continued management of its fishery.
July 12, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Flavor Your Life , a European Union funded campaign that is dedicated to providing the latest in olive oil news, shares a recipe for sea bass prepared with extra virgin olive oil that makes a delicious summertime dinner.
Predictable seasonal aggregations of Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) occur in nearshore areas of the mid-Atlantic region.
The chef also shares his tips on how to present the sea bass to its best advantage
5%, 1% and 2% taurine-supplemented diets--were fed to juvenile sea bass for three months.
Sea bass with sweet potato & tomato (for 2) INGREDIENTS: For the sea bass: 1 whole sea bass, scaled, gutted and gills, head and tail removed; 1tbsp olive oil; 2tbsp chopped fresh chervil; 1tbsp chopped fresh dill; 1tbsp fresh thyme, leaves only; salt and freshly ground black pepper.