sea pink

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sea pink:

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, common name for the Plumbaginaceae, a family of perennial herbs and shrubs usually found in semiarid regions, especially of the Mediterranean area and Central Asia. Several species—e.g.
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Bluebells and sea pinks are thought to contain compounds that might be helpful in treating TB and leprosy.
SEA PINKS - WATERCOURSE One of the most prolific bands in the country - this is their sixth album since forming in 2010.
It was from Manorbier that I persuaded the children to join me on our second walk along part of Pembrokeshire's 186-mile coastal path, a stretch with grandstand views of a volley of headlands decked in a blaze of wildflowers, including sea pinks, campions and heather.
Anyway, to celebrate all that's good, the Northern Ireland Music Prize has shortlisted 12 albums by bands ranging from the late great Bap Kennedy to the awesome Sea Pinks.
Shortlist in The Bonnevilles Pierce My Heart Ciaran Lavery - David C Clements Longest Day In Documenta - exmagician - Foy Vance - The Girls Names - Vision Jealous of the Violets Michael Mormecha - LiFE Ports - The Devil Ryan Vail - For Sea Pinks - Soft There's also the Oh Yeah Legends award, this year being presented to Ultimate faves Ash, a nice reminder of just how much this place always seemd to punch above its weight.
com SEA PINKS, GROSS NET A special live show from Sea Pinks and Gross Net on Culture Night Belfast 2016.
Even better is that Ireland is a febrile breeding ground for this scene with bands such as Dublin's September Girls, and Belfast's Girls Names, Sea Pinks and Documenta among its finest exponents.