sealing sleeve

compression coupling

A coupling used to connect sections of hubless pipe (i.e., pipe without a hub), acid-resistant cast-iron pipe, or glass-pipe; consists of an inner elastomeric gasket and an outer metallic sleeve, with an integral bolt used to tighten and compress the seal.
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The collet and sealing sleeve must be changed for different diameter ranges.
Contract award: supply of insulation and sealing sleeves fastening pak-68i.
A melt seal is achieved directly at the gate by placing sealing sleeves around the tips: the nozzle body itself is not surrounded by melt.
The CapTite(TM) collection is designed around a unique one-piece ferrule that eliminates sealing sleeves while providing unprecedented pressure capabilities up to 40,000 psi.
By placing special sealing sleeves around the tips, a melt seal is realised directly at the gate.