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Tenders are invited for steam-insulating tape 150, steam-permeable self-expanding tape PSUL, steam-permeable ribbon band, sealing tape for construction projects "Residential buildings Efficiency 4,8,20 in the block of residential buildings on the street.
has remained one of the most reliable sources of packaging supplies around, and their selection of high-quality carton sealing tape is proof of this.
The system applies a visible striped cord under the carton sealing tape during the taping cycle.
Make a 4" long plastic strap by pressing the sticky sides of two 4" lengths of clear package sealing tape together.
Founded in 1981 as a manufacturer of pressure-sensitive carton sealing tape, the company expanded its product line to include woven products, such as lumber wrap, and later building products, including building wrap, roof underlayment, and flashing.
Sealing tape was also supplied for effective insulation of joint and junctions where required.
US diversified technology group 3M (NYSE:MMM) announced it had completed the acquisition of the tape business of Taiwanese Alpha Beta Enterprise Co, a producer of box sealing tape and masking tape, without revealing the financial details.
Diversified technology company 3M (NYSE:MMM) has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the tape-related assets of Alpha Beta Enterprise Co Ltd, a manufacturer of box sealing tape and masking tape based in Taipei, Taiwan.
It is using trays made from sugar cane fibre, film and sealing tape made from wood pulp, and bags made from cornstarch.
The 96-Well Pattern Sealing Tape is adhesive-free around the 96-wells which prevents the tacky/sticky adhesive glue from adhering to plastic pipette tips or metal probes.
STA), a manufacturer of filmic water-based acrylic carton sealing tape and over-lamination tape, has moved its headquarters to Brea, CA.
Once the walls have been tiled, waterproof the joint around the rim of the bath with silicone sealant or a pre-moulded sealing tape.