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a man who serves as a sailor



or sailor, the first (junior) military rank in the navy, corresponding to the rank of soldier in the other branches of the armed forces. The rank was introduced in the USSR in July 1946 to replace the rank of Red Navy seaman; the rank of seaman first class, corresponding to private first class, also exists. The Russian Navy had the ranks of seaman second class and seaman first class. In the merchant fleet a sailor is one who serves on the ship’s crew.

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The intended audience is perhaps a limited field of Torres Strait Islanders and Seaman Dan fans, more in the mature age category.
Leading Seaman Shipp was killed in action in Vietnam on 31 May 1969 when the helicopter for which he was the crewman and gunner was exposed to heavy automatic gunfire and subsequently crash-landed, killing all onboard.
He said Seaman was insolvent but had not declared himself bankrupt.
In determining whether the LMRA required a seaman to submit to an arbitration agreement, the Court sought evidence that Congress desired the LMRA "to take the place of the old shipping commissioners or to assume part or all of the roles served by the federal courts protective of the rights of seamen since 1790.
Seaman, whose music has been described as "fun," "happy," and "classy," is not only ranked as one of the top 50 DJs in the world presently, but was also a major pioneer of progressive house music movement.
Seaman, 6ft 4in and 15 stones, earlier sidelined Pam for a week after landing on her during a lift sequence which injured her shoulder.
Because the training is structured so closely to actual military training, Sea Cadets who receive a certain amount of training and attend various classes can leave Navy boot camp with a rank of seaman rather than a seaman recruit or seaman apprentice.
The full-page ad was an enormous risk for the $150,000-a-year store, but the sale tripled the store's weekly revenues to $10,000, and Seaman became a passionate believer in advertising.
Having originally targeted James during the summer, Keegan made his move again after Seaman assessed the damage inflicted to his shoulder by Portsmouth's Aiyegbeni Yakubu at Fratton Park on Saturday.
Sakiri's corner that helped Macedonia to a 2-2 draw in their Euro 2004 qualifier draw at Southampton last October went in direct, leaving Seaman stranded.
This fictional account of their journey revolves around Seaman, a huge Newfoundland dog who belonged to Meriwether Lewis and was a real part of this long and hard trip to the Pacific Ocean.
Seaman defied belief on Sunday when he not only got a hand to Blades striker Paul Peschisolido's header, but somehow dug the ball out from behind him before it crossed the line and managed to scoop it away.

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