seamless floor

polymeric poured floor

A floor covering which is composed of a polymeric material poured on a substrate; converts to a thick built-up floor covering; may incorporate mineral or plastic chips, desiccants, fillers, or pigments.
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Thanks to the wide variety of colors available and liquid application, these flooring systems also allow individual seamless floor designs with respect to shapes and colors.
Since this is a seamless floor application, the color separation actually doubled the time required for installation, as one color has to be completely dry prior to installing the other color.
Durable materials are easily cleanable for infection control, while a seamless floor supports smooth mobility.
With respect to seamless floor coating systems, there is a need to reduce the installed cost so that they can compete with traditional flooring options (vinyl and carpet).
Resuthane SL23 provides a seamless floor which is hard wearing, chemical resistant, easy to clean and non-dusting, providing the ideal floor for an area which is dealing with the bottling of drink products for public consumption.
Also of interest is Bayer's bio-based seamless floor coating technology for refurbishing commercial building floors.
This product is perfect for any sort of interiors, since it is possible to very easily achieve a seamless floor, thus eliminating any grouting or chipping issues associated with conventional tiles.
Today it is one of the few companies anywhere that use an innovative process that allows it to pour an entire concrete floor in one night, creating a seamless floor that is consistent in color because it was all mixed, poured and dried under the same conditions.
Convenience features include top-down access to the food and a seamless floor for ease of cleaning.
Seamless floor installations on existing concrete structures can be problematic if concrete joints are ignored.
Designing facilities with materials that are easy to clean and maintain--such as General Polymers Seamless Floor and Wall Systems--help control mold, bacteria and other microbial growth, but cleaning procedures are ultimately responsible for a healthy building.