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Etiquette a title used by a sovereign when addressing another sovereign or a nobleman


Victor . 1792--1867, French philosopher and educational reformer
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Tanahashi initially pleaded guilty but during the trial changed her plea to not guilty, claiming she had twice urged her second cousin to scrap the murder plan and hence was uninvolved when it was carried out.
If the claims are true, Mr Lloyd Lavery would be the half brother of the Duke of Kent and Prince Michael of Kent and second cousin to the Queen.
In an INQandA interview, Drilon said he had no opportunity to talk to Mabilog regarding the accusations being hurled against him, but expressed confidence that his second cousin was not involved in drugs.
I am Wayne's second cousin though I don't know if Mario is aware of it," she told the Daily Star.
Julie Smallwood, aged 58, a retired secretary from Solihull, is a second cousin to Frederick.
One day I was asked by my second cousin, Jeanie, if I wanted to go to see her dad play cricket.
Second cousin Trudie Staples said: "He was a gorgeous little boy and the world will be a much emptier place without him.
SIR Paul McCartney's second cousin was married yesterday in Wirral.
Tanahashi told police she delivered the money to her second cousin Yuhachi Tanahashi, 65, who later gave it to 51-year-old Masanobu Tabuchi.
In Tom DeCerchio's irreverent Nunzio's Second Cousin, Tony (Vincent D'Onofrio) is a gay cop who, after an encounter with some teen homophobes, invites one to his mother's (Eileen Brennan) for dinner.
He was charged two weeks later with supporting a terrorist organisation for giving his mobile phone SIM card to a second cousin in Britain before travelling to Australia.

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