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This claim is advanced by a kind of indirect proof: Selection can't possibly do all the marvelous things it would have to generate the order we see in the world, so what's left must be the result of spontaneous order.
Politics also plays a role in the development of an institution's selection criteria.
Selections are based on overall academic achievement in college, participation in school organizations/activities, work experience, letters of reference, academic discipline, content and clarity in the written essay, and interest in law enforcement as a career.
An all-state Small Schools second-team selection, Dembesky was a senior leader on a team filled with junior standouts.
To that end the proposed LWVUS updated position on Selection of the President states:
Some basic criteria for selection have hardly changed since before the popularity of electronic information.
Because of prior selection for prolificacy and adaptability, BS11 is adapted to the central Corn Belt and has potential as a useful source population from which to derive desirable inbred lines.
Her declared motivation--to introduce readers, particularly young ones, to more of the ex-slave narratives--is admirable; if We Lived in a Little Cabin in the Yard were vastly more substantial, both in number of selections and in editorial comment, her service could be considered laudable.
It is a hopeless bungle for natural selection to endow both parents with some immunity to malaria at the cost of a fourth of their children dying of sickle cell anemia.
The committee also addresses special requests that come up during the year and whether the firm member would benefit from a course not in the original selection.
Imperium and Natural Selection Farms have been collaborating for 18 months to develop this critical relationship between the agriculture and biodiesel industries in Washington State.
Andreas Schaaf, President, BMW India said, "BMW Premium Selection will play an important role in the success of our company; it has its very own chapter in the "Story of JOY".