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When on "Safe," the selector switch on the right side is touching--and parallel to--my trigger finger.
The RS-232 digital signal format allows the simultaneous display of four measurands, on a two-line LCD, without the need for a display selector switch.
The SensEject key-operated selector switch detects the presence or absence of a key in control equipment and automatically ejects the key, which prevents inadvertent or unauthorized operation.
Model 7883CD batch cleaner incorporates a rotary selector switch with eight standard programs and one custom program.
Ultra's Electrics business, based in Cheltenham, will provide BAE Systems with the Hands-on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) controls, the undercarriage selector switch and a range of cockpit switches and indicators that are suitable for use when wearing night vision goggles.
The die-cut position can be controlled through the wrapper touchscreen, and a keyed remote/local selector switch is included for remote control at set-up.
New Holland excavators have an available pattern selector switch option.
A PLC control panel provides manual start/stop operation, automatic shutdown on a high-level signal, and a selector switch for seven destinations.
The machine allows the user to either dot peen or diamond scribe by simply flipping a selector switch.
Rotate the voltage selector switch until it points to the voltage you're testing, and then test batteries as shown in Photos 1 and 2.
Features include two, two-axis joysticks, or four levers to control up to four motions, auxiliary toggle, and a three-position selector switch for independent/combined control.
A selector switch gives the option for hard or soft ice cream or for frozen yogurt.