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seltzer water,

mineral water containing free carbon dioxide, obtained originally from springs at Niederselters, Germany. Reputed to have curative value in treating several diseases, it became very popular in the 19th cent. In the 20th cent. it was produced synthetically and, as soda water, is widely used as a beverage, often lightly flavored, as well as a component of other beverages.
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Seltzer, for the uninitiated, is carbonated water plus flavorings.
We look forward to matching these highly regarded, well-known brands with best-in-class licensees that are driven by a passion to help consumers live a healthy lifestyle and achieve their fitness goals," said Stu Seltzer, President of The Seltzer Licensing Group.
Seltzer said: "You might not be able to run with a child or defend yourself without endangering both of you.
The last major obstacle to making seltzer a practical everyday drink was its container: Once opened, an entire bottle had to be consumed quickly or its bubbles would go flat.
Certainly not Sayre, whose Native American literature students at UO included Seltzer.
Each reusable carbonating bottle contains enough carbon dioxide to make up " to 110 liters of seltzer or soda, keeping that many liter bottles out of the trash or recycling system, the company said.
Throughout this organizational structure, Seltzer shares several compelling insights that comprise the primary strength of his analysis.
But there was yet another component to be added to the Bromo Seltzer mixture, perhaps the most important one.
Slowly fill each glass to the rim with cold seltzer water.
Today, El Ninos occur once every 2 to 8 years, says Seltzer.
Publicist Nancy Seltzer said Houston and her husband, singer Bobby Brown, weren't home when the sprinklers were on.