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, selvedge
a similar strip of material allowed in fabricating a metal or plastic article, used esp for handling components during manufacture



selvage, selvedge

1.The finished edge of carpeting, a fabric, etc., which prevents raveling.
2. The unsurfaced strip along a sheet of prepared roll roofing that forms the underportion of the lap. The plate through which the bolt of a lock projects.
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After two years of development, and over 20,000 miles of personal prototype testing, resulting in numerous functional changes, Fairbairn launched the world's first Kevlar lined selvedge denim motorcycle jeans from his garage in Oxfordshire.
The undyed selvedge runs vertically up the outer edge of the front of each legging.
Dogi claims that garments which incorporate the technology are able to adapt and mould to the body's natural shape without the selvedges being noticeable externally.
2 Selvedges: Both Selvedges Of The Cloth Shall Be Woven With The Name/Trade Mark Of The Manufacturer Throughout The Length Using Suitable Yarn.
Tenders are invited for Cloth Blended Wool Serge,Khaki Superior Having Minimum Width 140 Cms Exclusive Of Selvedges Conforming To Specn.