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, selvedge
a similar strip of material allowed in fabricating a metal or plastic article, used esp for handling components during manufacture



selvage, selvedge

1.The finished edge of carpeting, a fabric, etc., which prevents raveling.
2. The unsurfaced strip along a sheet of prepared roll roofing that forms the underportion of the lap. The plate through which the bolt of a lock projects.
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Recalculate beginning stitch counts: (front stitches - 2 selvedge stitches) + (back stitches 2 selvedge stitches) = new stitch count for body.
On the neck and armhole edges, keep the selvedge stitch for seaming the sleeves and collar.
Just like on the body, subtract 1 selvedge stitch from each side.
Here, you'll begin working back and forth in rows, binding off 1 fewer stitch on each end of the first bind-off row than the original directions call for (since 1 stitch at each side has already been eliminated); however, you'll need to keep a selvedge stitch in this section for sewing the sleeve into the armhole.
The undyed selvedge runs vertically up the outer edge of the front of each legging.
Since the disappearance of the old undyed selvedge cloth, however, the edges tend to be bound with colored edging cloth.
Dogi claims that garments which incorporate the technology are able to adapt and mould to the body's natural shape without the selvedges being noticeable externally.