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1. a member of a Senate or senate
2. any legislator or statesman



(1)In ancient Rome, a member of the Senate and, from the end of the first century B.C., a representative of the privileged class. The title of senator was conferred for life; during the Empire, it could either be inherited or granted by the emperor.

(2) In prerevolutionary Russia and in contemporary bourgeois states, a member of the senate. Senators are usually chosen less democratically—through indirect or multitiered elections, on the basis of office held, or by appointment—than are deputies to the lower houses. As a rule, candidates for the senate must meet stricter requirements, for example, as to age, education, and residency. Senators have the same rights as deputies to the lower houses.

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He attached to his suit two sets of documents, with one set, marked Exhibit 1, said to be showing that 'the summaries of results from wards and local government areas that make up the senatorial district were finally compiled on March 29, 2015, as the date on each of these forms read the same collation date.
From the Executive department, Alvarez said PCOO Undersecretary Mocha Uson and Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque are also being eyed for inclusion in the PDP senatorial slate.
He has also denied using his office to campaign for the 2019 senatorial elections.
The party will have to decide which of the two aspirants it will choose to run on its ticket for the upcoming senatorial bye-election, though the National Elections Commission (NEC) has not yet scheduled the bye-election.
Ainsi, le Comite senatorial permanent de l'energie, de l'environnement et des ressources naturelles a effectue une mission d'etude de cinq jours en Colombie-Britannique, en Alberta et en Saskatchewan pour discuter de la maniere dont le Canada peut operer une transition vers une economie a faibles emissions de carbone.
Holmes added that the multi-weight champion boxer could lose his senatorial bid if his ratings continued to plummet.
Ron Wyden in a special senatorial primary election.
Ncube, backed by the party's deputy president Gibson Sibanda, deputy secretary-general Gift Chimanikire and a host of other top party officials, ignored Tsvangirai's ruling and ordered interested party senatorial candidates to register for the poll.
A fourth career path, religious office, only became significant at the end of the period, since pagan priesthoods could be held simultaneously with civic office, and the more exclusive Christian priesthood did not initially attract senatorial candidates.
Arroyo stressed she is happy with the expected election results, saying, ''I'm very happy that eight of my senatorial candidates are deemed worthy by the people.
Speaking during the flagging off ceremony, the state commissioner for rural and community development, Alh Hassan Usman Hunkuyi said the local governments were drawn from the three senatorial zones.