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in architecture, a tentlike or rooflike structure resting on pillars or columns and topping a tower or a well.



(1) A Japanese monetary unit, equal to 1/100 of a yen. Because of the sharp devaluation of the yen after World War II, the sen is used only as a unit of accounting.

(2) A subsidiary monetary unit used in Indonesia and Cambodia (Kampuchea), equal to 1/100 of a rupiah and 1/100 of a riel, respectively.

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Among these four views of the term, described in "Sentidos," nihilism as doctrine and as a vital phenomenon are the most thought-provoking, especially when Senes shares with us Strauss's contention that romanticism's reactionary roots are nihilistic (a sentiment shared by Camus), and when he weighs the extent to which terrorist acts like 9-11 are underpinned by a nihilist agenda.
DES in alliance with Lakefield Research and SENES consultants was awarded a five-year monitoring contract JES is maintaining and operating effluent treatment plants, undertakes environmental sampling and performs all compliance documentation for Rio Algom, facilities in he Elliot Lake area.
The UEFA president will visit the stadium on Thursday together with executives of the Turkish Football Federation and UEFA Vice President Senes Erzik.
Following the acquisition of SENES in 2013, ARCADIS has around 360 people across Canada to serve private and public clients in the industrial, government, mining, manufacturing, oil and gas sectors and beyond.
UEFA's First Vice-President Senes Erzik will accompany Platini on the visit.
Type 1 diabetes develops when the immune system destroys the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas,' said AIHW spokesperson Susana Senes.
RD 554 - 200 PR 94 PR 94 has 500 - Common Sollies-Pont - spatial intersection of Senes - earthworks, sewerage, roads and other networks.
In March, we acquired SENES Consultants Limited, a Canadian-based firm specialized in environmental, radiological and risk assessment solutions for the mining, energy, oil & gas and industrial sectors with approximately 250 employees.