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Contrary to the sense organs that are not different from the body (this being their matter), the intellect is separated by nature, although still potential as a matter of fact.
This is especially so, even among persons age 65 or over, for circulatory diseases, mental disorders, and to a lesser extent, injuries and poisonings and the nervous system and sense organs.
Fine-structure of cephalic sense organs in Meloidogyne incognita males.
Once in contact with the bottom, the larvae stopped for brief periods and probed the substratum with the apical ganglion (apical sense organ) and hood sense organ.
36) However, this debate again is neutral as regards the issue of direct versus representational realism: if a material alteration in a particular sense organ is a necessary condition for any perception, such an alteration can be acknowledged by the direct realist as a causal intermediary.
Antennal sensory system of the cockroach, Periplaneta american postembryonic development and morphology of the sense organs.
The researchers will try to mimic the sense organ found in fish, called the lateral line, which allows the fish to detect the flow of water around it and react to it.
12) He suggested that the received interpretation makes three mistaken claims: (a) that the Thomistic distinction between natural and spiritual reception of a sensible form is a distinction between a physical event taking place in a sense organ and a mental (nonphysical) event taking place in the soul; (b) that sensation involves a nonphysical event (the spiritual reception of a sensible form); (c) that the phantasmata, "which is the end product of the spiritual reception of a sensible form,"(13) is a mental image.
To reach the conclusion, Rodriguez's team took tissue from the vomeronasal organ - a pheromone-detecting sense organ found in the nasal cavity of mice, and some other mammals - and searched for genes expressing possible smell receptors.
Aristotle describes perception as the reception of the form of the sensible without its matter, but he also tells us that in perception the sense organ become "like" the sensible.
healthy soul, mind, sense organs, thus constituting a healthy lifestyle.