sensing device

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sensor, detector, sensing device

A device which senses or detects an abnormal ambient condition, such as smoke or unusually high temperature; used to initiate an alarm signal, open a smoke hatch, etc.
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is the leader in vehicle emissions testing equipment and services in North America and provides Remote Sensing Device equipment and services throughout the world.
They want to have their own communication satellites, meteorological satellites and remote sensing devices," Rogozin explained.
Under the terms of the agreement signed in Q1 2009, IBM will design and build the system IT architecture to support the project, in which sensing devices will connect with EnergyAustralia's operational systems using a combination of fourth generation and existing technologies.
AR video, audio, and sensing devices used to visualize blood patterns, blood stains, and other sensor-detectable forensic data could enhance crime scene investigations.
In-home technology prototypes illustrate how tiny silicon-based sensing devices, discreetly embedded in objects such as shoes, furniture and home appliances, could make it possible for elders, Alzheimer's disease patients and others with disabling conditions to continue to live at home.
Lee and Vivek Subramanian of the University of California, Berkeley say that the perpendicular arrangement of a fabric's fibers should make it possible to wire transistors such as these new fiber ones into sensing devices, wearable displays, and other electronic devices.
Other technology under study by automakers and air bag manufacturers involves so-called ``smart'' systems that automatically adjust the deployment force based on the size and position of the occupant, using radar, ultrasound, infrared and other sensing devices.
Remote sensing captures, identifies, classifies and evaluates objects, areas or phenomena using digital data recorded by sensing devices in aircraft or in earth-orbiting satellites.
These tests reveal fundamental deficiencies of sensing devices -- issues that cannot be pushed off with a promise to resolve these problems at some later time during certification testing.
Other safety guidelines being developed by the industry call for extra sensing devices on large injection presses and vertical injection machines used in operations requiring manually placed inserts, as well as extra guards on auxiliary equipment.
The remote sensing devices, however, will be used by the end of this year to flag "gross polluters," or cars that grossly exceed state and federal emissions standards.
During his presentation, Schultz will discuss how the deployment of an SAP-centric solution provides companies the capabilities they need to integrate all automated communication and sensing devices, including RFID readers and printers, embedded systems, and RF devices into a single platform.