sensitive plant

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sensitive plant:

see mimosamimosa
, any tree, shrub, or herb of the genus Mimosa of the family Leguminosae (pulse family), chiefly tropical plants. They usually have feathery foliage and rounded clusters of fragrant pinkish flowers atop the branches.
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This is in addition to their commitment to conservation and recovery of the other listed and sensitive plants and animals on the island.
2002) who reported that 7% growth reduction occurred for every mM increment in salinity above 20 mM and salt stress resulted in reduction of apparent photosynthetic capacity in cultivated carrot crops and classified it as salt sensitive plant.
Plants such as sensitive plant (mimosa), obedient plant, and bunny grass are fun to touch.
Leading on from this recontextualization, subsequent chapters offer readings of works such as Prometheus Unbound, The Sensitive Plant, and Adonais, showing how the terminology and structures of the vitality debate fed into Shelley's conception of a wide range of ostensibly unrelated issues.
This likewise refers to doors or other means to prevent casual entrance into sensitive plant areas which, in this case, would normally have fairly large access openings between them.
I know I'm a sensitive plant, but surely there's a musical director somewhere capable of pointing a chorus in the right direction?
The environmental studies included: ground and surface water resources studies, water quality studies, a sensitive plant species survey; wetland delineation; the initiation of waste rock; tailings characterization programs; and the installation of a meteorological station.
O'Neill's brilliant reassessment of The Sensitive Plant in this collection demonstrates the benefits of such close readings of Shelley's texts, refining earlier interpretations of the poem (such as that by Wasserman) as well as focusing awareness on the way in which the reader brings his or her own ideological biases to the process of interpretation.
Some fun ones to try: polka dot plant, sensitive plant, money plant, Venus's fly-trap, hen and chicks, seedless watermelon.
It added, All sensitive plant areas are decoupled and designed on a redundant and protected against manipulation.
Sensitive plant is an annual that's easy and quick to grow from seed.

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