separate sanitary sewer

sanitary sewer

A sewer which carries sewage (liquid or waterborne waste from plumbing fixtures) and to which storm and surface water, street runoff, and groundwater are not admitted intentionally.
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Part of the 2012 Separate Sanitary Sewer Modeling Study included inspecting over 1100 sanitary manholes.
This project is recommended in the Separate Sanitary Sewer System Modeling study conducted by RJN in 2012.
The NACWA/NRDC Guidance only applies to those diversions as they are recombined, and as they occur in separate sanitary sewer systems.
Michigan's sewer and septic problems have grown because many communities, faced with limited financial resources, have deferred investments needed to maintain, rehabilitate and replace older wastewater infrastructure in order to afford the cost of correcting combined sewer overflow (CSO) and separate sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) problems, according to the study.
Of Jeffersonville's total sewer area, 15 percent is served by combined sewers while 85 percent is served by separate sanitary sewers.
Under the terms of the agreement, United Water is responsible for the operation, maintenance and management of the District's facilities which include a 60 million-gallon-a day wastewater treatment plant, a 360-mile sewer collection system with 25 miles of storm sewers and five miles of separate sanitary sewers, 36 pumping stations including 20 sanitary remote pumping stations and 16 storm water pumping stations and 12 combined sewer overflows (CSOs).
Surface and possibly other drainage water service connections will be from separate sanitary sewers.