separate sewer

sanitary sewer

A sewer which carries sewage (liquid or waterborne waste from plumbing fixtures) and to which storm and surface water, street runoff, and groundwater are not admitted intentionally.
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The construction of a new separate sewer system and refresh cycle paths) and the necessary support in the execution of the works.
The D- 6 lane abuts Nepali colony that has no separate sewer connection because of which all the sewer flows into the open drain of the locality, making it unbearable for the residents of the houses located near the drain to venture out of their homes.
Modern separate sewer systems route sewage to a treatment plant via one pipe while another directs untreated stormwater into water bodies.
But this was deemed to be excessive and unnecessary so from 1920 onwards many homes were built with separate sewer systems, sending rainwater back into the waterways, and polluted water from the kitchen sink, toilet and washing machine to be treated.
The regulations also require MS4s--municipalities with separate sewer systems for stormwater--to obtain permits and implement pollution control activities.
When adding separate sewer treatment charges from Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD), the region's sanitary sewer treatment provider, the average monthly bill rises to about $76, which at 1.
was a prominent engineer of the 1800s responsible for designing some of the earliest separate sewer systems in the United States.
Belmont's share of the project is approximately $45 million, which will be financed through separately secured Sewer Treatment Facility revenue bonds, secured by a separate Sewer Treatment Facility Charge levied on the property tax bills.
Replacing outdated mainframe systems, the Synergen Series became ENV's first EAM/CMMS solution, which also integrates with the City's Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) process control system, as well as a state-of-the-art geographic information system (GIS) system tracking more than 500,000 separate sewer lines and manholes, further leveraging the City's geospatial assets supported by ESRI's ArcGIS(R).
Langemark-Poelkapelle / Houthulst: redevelopment N301 - laying cycle paths and separate sewer system (kmpt between 0,500 and 6,810 kmpt.
The State of Wisconsin filed suit against the district in 2002 to reduce separate sewer overflows; the litigation settlement requires $690 million of additional capital spending through 2010.
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